Wash & Detail Services

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Interior Cleaning

The Interior Detailing includes:-

  • Interior Detailing includes intensive Steam washing & Scrubbing using Dry Foam covering the upholstery, dashboard and other fittings.
  • Upholstery, comprising of Leather/ Fabric/ Suede etc. ( Scrubbed using Dry Foam & Dried & Polished)
  • Roof Fabric (Scrubbed & Dried)
  • Door Panels including the hinges & Rubber channels (Steam washed)
  • Carpet & Mats (Vacuumed, Scrubbed & Dried)
  • Dashboard (Steam washed & Polished)
  • Boot Space (Vacuumed, Scrubbed & Dried)
  • Interior deep cleaned and upholstery shampooed
  • Seats, upholstery, carpets mats and leather cleaned
  • Dirt and debris, dash and glass cleaned